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Let's play a game.

Dea can do the personality test when she gets back, but until then, let's play a game. It's called How Should Dea Cut Her Hair? She sorta unofficially probably not very seriously left me with a mission over the weekend to find her a good haircut (:
First, let's find a picture of Dea to look at to figger out what might look good on her... Here we go, a good pic for looking at hair-
Image hosted by
Dea made me take down the other pic- but she sent me another picture to use bwahaha. Ain't she perdy?
And I guess this means I won't be getting my butt kick-ithed :D

And, we must make this game worth it, because Dea's probably gonna strangle me for posting that pic, and never send me any pics ever again, which would make me sad. But I'm only posting it for scientific purposes, to help (: And it's her fault for sending it to me in the first place d: But anyways, if we find a good haircut, maybe she won't hurt me, so let's try for that shall we? wooh go team!

This game might take a little research, so, some guidelines, straight from Dea-
-she wants layers.
-she wants about shoulder length or a little past
-and that's all she told me, except something about stacked layers in the back and then something about curled and flipped under.. that last one is more styling than cut.. but anyhoo
-Post pics, links, or just a name of some superstar I guess would work too. Have fun searching!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comI like this one from the back of the Martina greatest hits booklet. I used it to get my hair cut last summer. It doesn't look like that on me because I have curly hair, but Dea isn't lazy like me, so she'd straighten her hair, and I think it would look lovelie on her.

Jennifer Aniston always has nice hair.. I think I could see that on Dea

Or perhaps an easy Nancy cut that looks good curly and straightery?
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