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I seeeeee

No takers? Ok. I will not let this communninuminuty perish! It will live on doggammit!

So- from the Martina board-

Who are your heros?

Mine arrrrrre:
1. Jesus.. do I need an explanation? Saved the world.. totally cooler than Superman.
2. Snoopy. Dude. He's amazing. He's a writer, pilot, lawyer, head beagle, baseball player, king of the jungle, scout leader... ... ... loyal friend, and uber cute dog. He's the perfect example of doing anything you set your mind to, being an awesome friend, and using your imagination.

-Those are my big 2, but as a guitar player, Nancy Wilson of Heart is probably my biggest musical hero, because she rocks hard eh? She inspired me to go buy a mandolin and every once in a while I get inspired enough to have a go at learning how to play it d:
-And my Uncle Mike (Uncle Scar)- he's been playing the guitar since he was in his teens and he's amazing now- everytime we visit him or he visits us we jam together and he teaches me things and I teach him things and it's a load of fun and I've learned a lot from him. And he's always proud of me, even for things that other people think are silly- for good reason. When I told him I wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese's for my 16th birthday he was beaming with pride "that's our girl" d: He hasn't grown up- still knows how to have fun, has a job but still makes plenty of time for his old geezer rock band- He hasn't turned into a grumpy old man and I hope I'm somethin like him when I grow up (only less hairy)(and not a man).

Alright. So does that mean I get a prize steph?
Were you the next person to post with a new topic?
Ummmmm.. yeah!
That's right! Then you get a prize!
Woohooo!! What is it?
I'll give you a foot rub tonight. Enjoy (:
Aww I love you stephie
I love you too steph, but you'd better go take a shower before you make me touch your feet
Heehee. Good idea.
See ya after your shower
See ya soon. My feet are already excited :D
Yeah. We'd better stop before we weird these other people out.
Shutting up -now-
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