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we don't need anotha heeeroooo!

I've had alot of ppl I've admired over the years, but they all seem to fall into the same category: they are strong, intelligent, beautiful (inside and out) women who have talents of various sorts and use them to help humanity in some way. Some examples:

~ Wendy Wilson, singer from Wilson Phillips: Probably the big one; I admired her from 6th grade up until a few years ago. Well, I still am attached to her in some respects, but I don't have all the pictures up anymore... Anyway, I was really shy in middle school and she came off that way in interviews, so I figured if she could get up there and sing and write songs and stuff, then I could not be afraid and do what I liked to do. Plus she got me in to trying new things, like English breakfast tea, aromatherapy, and tennis.

~ Susan Herring, my PhD adviser at Indiana U: My stars is this woman amazingly brilliant. At conferences, when she speaks, ppl shut up and listen. She has so much grace, never stooping down to pettyness, which is hard to do in the department she works at. And she is genuinely interested in helping students with their research.

Those are probably the main ones. Nancy Wilson falls into this category, as does Rhiannon, the Welsh goddess of horses and birds. Strength and truth in adversity; graceful but willing to fight for what's important. Full of passion and confident in their talents and life purpose. Those are the things I want and am ultimately striving to achieve. I just have to figure out how to do it.

Oops, this turned into a therapy entry. Better take it to my other journal... :D
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